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Legion Contributions

Post  Olemanjenkins on Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:41 pm

Hello everyone! I would like to let you guys and girls know of an idea I had concerning our legion. A few of our members have been asking when we will be able to perform legion tasks. To answer their question, legion tasks are not available until our legion is a Level 5 legion. To those not sure of what legion tasks are, they are basically quests that give out rewards, such as legion coins, which can later be spent on useful items. For example, at legion Level 8, you can spend those coins for a legion horse mount! Amazing, but that brings me to my original point, getting there. In order for our legion to level up, it requires a certain number of members, but thanks to our amazingly wonderfully helpful lead recruiter Mika (aka Millika) we don't have a problem with that. Our biggest issue right now is funding. I have been giving large contributions to the guild to help further us along in leveling and getting stuff done. So today I would like to propose the idea of a minimum weekly contribution to the legion. I alone can not be the sole contributing member of our legion, so I am asking everyone else to chip in a small amount every week. I am considering setting the minimum weekly donation at 100k kinah per member per week. It is only a small amount of funds that I am asking for, and will only take most of you 5-10 minutes to make. But that amount isn't set in stone, so if you would like to propose another idea, or an amount you think would be best, please let us know and post a reply below. Again, thank you for your time and membership in our fantastic legion, and don't be afraid to post, we would love to hear from you no matter what you have to say.

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